Food For Thought Kids Catering offers up to 12 lunch choices daily five days a week to families of participating PreK - 12 Bay Area schools. The Food For Thought program includes a broad range of healthy, child-friendly menu items every day. We provides easy web-based lunch ordering, updated monthly menus that allow you to personalize your childs lunch order based on their taste or dietary needs. We prepare and deliver ordered lunches directly to participating schools each morning.

Food For Thought operates its services completely independent from the school. We strive to honor each school’s goal of minimizing any distractions from schools activities and resources. We appreciate you contacting us directly with any related questions or issues.

Our program is more fully described below.

Index of our most Frequently Asked Questions
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Signing up:
Food Preparation:
Packaging and Delivery:
Signing up:
How do we sign up?
Parents at participating schools register directly from the Food For Thought
Homepage by selecting then Create an Account. The process has several quick and easy steps that include: establishing a unique login, providing family information. All information is confidential and secure through Nova and Authorize.Net

Can I Sign up more than one child?
Food For Thought can accommodate all children in a family as long as those children attend participating schools. Children do not need to attend the same school. 

What if my school does not participate yet?
Food For Thought is very interested in providing lunches to children at any Bay Area based school. Please contact us at if parents at your school might be interested in participating.
What is on your lunch menu?
Unlike most school-based lunch programs that offer one or two fixed lunch menu items each day, Food For Thought offers a broad range of daily lunch options. There are at least 4 hot lunch choices and 7 to 8 cold choices daily. Our menus are updated monthly balancing old standbys such as homemade chicken fingers, homemade mac and cheese and burritos with unique kid-friendly lunch items such as fajita wraps, Caesar salads and vegetarian entrees and breakfast type items as well.

How do you determine what’s on your menu?
Food For Thought will update its menu monthly. We determine our monthly menu using a host of resources which include: Food For Thought innovations, nutritional counseling, feedback from participating Food For Thought parents, parent input through market surveys and taste testing parties. Food For Thought is very open to new food ideas and welcomes your comments.

How much food will my child get?
Food For Thought works closely with Amy Donis, our resident nutritionist, to plan menu and portion sizes that are appropriate for each age group. Consult the “Our Green Room” section for more information. As a convenience to parents, our web site provides the nutrient breakdown for every menu item offered in your child’s lunch. Each lunch includes one entrée and one side with drink options.

How do you accommodate kids’ specific food preferences?
Food For Thought offers parents the unique opportunity to personalize their lunch order based on their child’s specific tastes or dietary needs. Food For Thought menus offers a wide variety of lunch options to choose from every day. Our web based ordering system is designed with maximum flexibility to refine each lunch order to satisfy your child’s preferences.

Do you serve vegetarian lunches?
Each Food For Thought menu features a vegetarian option.

Will drinks be included in the lunches?

Healthy drinks are included as part of each Food For Thought menu. Drinks include 1% white or chocolate milk, 100% juice, and 16.5 oz bottled water.
What does ‘healthy’ really mean?
Food For Thought seeks to provide the healthiest lunches meals possible at an affordable price. This starts with our ingredients that include: fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms, hormone-free and Rbst free milk, skinless boneless chicken breast in all chicken meals, hormone-free grass and grain fed beef and all natural deli products. We strive to use many organic ingredients and we offer foods that are nitrate and trans-fatty acid free.

How do you handle food allergies?
Food For Thought prepares meals in a facility that does not use nuts, peanuts or tree nuts of any kind. We also have a food allergens section which shows allergens that can be present in our meal options (See Our Green Room). Please contact us if your child has a serious food allergy as it is your responsibility to contact us directly to discuss any potential risks in our menu offering. We honor all school policies regarding food allergies.

Who provided the nutritional analysis for each menu item?

Food For Thought nutritional information comes from a variety of sources, including the FDA, the USDA, the National Research Council, Nutridata software and the food manufacturers themselves. In some cases, we have estimated nutritional values and recommended daily allowances (RDA) for each age group when published information was unavailable,. Food For Thought RDA’s are averages and do not specifically consider factors such as sex, weight and the innate individuality of every child. As a result, they should be used as general guidelines only.
How do we order?
Food For Thought offer an easy to use web-based lunch ordering system. All lunches are ordered via the Food For Thought website. Initially, each family will be allowed only one login username and password. Food For Thought plans to provide the ability to allow multiple logins for each family in cases where multiple caretakers are ordering.

When do we order?
Food For Thought offers a web-based lunch ordering system. Food For Thought publishes its monthly menus one month in advance. All lunches must be ordered by 9am PST the day before the meal is being served. For example, a lunch desired for the 3rd of October must be ordered by 9am on the 2nd of October.

What if the ordering deadline has passed and I want to change an existing order or add a new order?
You can change menu items on existing orders online prior to the ordering deadline. If an ordering deadline has passed, we will try and accommodate changes to existing lunches subject to availability. This must be done by contacting Food For Thought via email at before 6am. You must receive confirmation via email from Food For Thought that your request for a changed menu item has been processed. There is no charge for this service. In order to provide the best possible service to its customers Food For Thought needs to abide by its ordering deadline. If an ordering deadline has passed, Food For Thought may, on a case-by-case basis, accommodate new lunch orders. You must contact Food For Thought directly via email at to place a late order and receive email confirmation that your order has been accepted by Food For Thought. The price for this Late Service will include a $1.50 additional charge to the standard lunch price, but may be waived at Food For Thought discretion. This amount will be automatically deducted from your Food For Thought account.

Am I required to order lunch 5 days a week to participate? No, parents have the flexibility to order as many lunches as they want.

What if I have special requests for a lunch order?
Food For Thought recognizes that there are many combinations of personalized choices to offer during the ordering process. As a result, we have made the meals so that almost everything is on the side, such as gravies, sauces, mayo, mustard etc. so the kids can make their own options.
What are “Oops Lunch” notes?

Parents that receive an Oops Lunch note are being notified that their child has received an emergency Oops Lunch and they need to have a check made out to Food For Thought the next day for $6.50
How much does it cost?
Food For Thought prices are listed on the menu and include a side and a drink choice. A transaction fee of .50 cents will be charged for each purchase. Whether you purchase 1 lunch or 20 lunches when you check out a fee will be charged. This is to cover the costs of processing the order, software licensing costs, etc.

How do we pay for it?
There is one payment method: Credit Card (Checks and paper menus only by approval from Food For Thought staff and are accepted on a case by case basis)

Food For Thought accepts Visa, MasterCard and AMEX. Credit card transactions are secured through Nova (Costcos business services processer), one of the worlds largest digital certificate providers, and processed through Authorize.Net, one of the largest credit card processing gateways.

Am I charged if my child is sick or I need to cancel a lunch after the order deadline?
We understand families will order lunches that may need to be cancelled. Unfortunately, after the order deadline, our supplies are ordered and your child’s meal selection has been accounted for. Therefore, Food For Thought policy is no cancellations or refunds after the order deadline. However, please contact us directly to learn where you school stores unclaimed lunches.
Food Preparation:
Who are your suppliers?
Food For Thought proudly supports local dairies, farmers and distributors based in Northern California.

Where do you prepare Food For Thought lunches?
Food For Thought prepares its lunches at its own CCCEH certified commercial kitchen located in Concord. We have been in business since 1995 and have made well over 3,500,000 meals.

What food safety precautions are taken?
All lunches are packed fresh each morning reducing the risk of perishability. In addition, lunches will include an ice-pack to ensure proper food storage if cold and if hot, they are held in a warmer at 160 degrees to insure a warm but not too hot meal.
Packaging and Delivery:
Is your packaging environmentally safe?
Food For Thought has taken great strides to package lunches in environmentally safe materials. Almost all of the packaging is biodegradable and can be placed in school compost bins. Food For Thought will provide package handling instructions once you register for the Food For Thought service.

How does my child get their lunch?

Food For Thought delivers lunches directly to your school between 10:00am and noon each morning. We work with each participating school to ensure that the lunches are delivered to a safe and efficient location from which your child can have their lunch distributed safely to them.
Are there days Food For Thought service will not be available?
No, Food For Thought takes the same holidays as your school to insure no interruption in service. Since we service.
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